Mark Croxton

Mark Croxton began his career in the boat propeller industry at age 18. After following a suggestion from his father, Mark began working for Precision Propeller in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1977. It was here that he spent 26 years working with props. After a short time, he was placed in charge of racing propellers, involving everything from repair to design.

Mark has lived in Shelbyville with his family since 1995. In what free time he does have, Mark enjoys fishing and hunting. He also works with his second business, Mark's Taxidermy Studio.


Mark's High Performance Propeller, Inc. was established in 2003 by Mark Croxton. "Mark's Props" is run by Mark and his wife, SaVonna, just outside of Shelbyville, Indiana. Mark repairs and designs propellers inside his workshop at his home.

Mark decided to leave his previous job to start Marks Props on the idea that he wanted to provide the best customer service available. His goal was to attain the highest quality of work on the market. To ensure this, Mark's hands are the only hands that touch your propeller once they are delivered to him. Mark also strives for a 24 hour turn-around on every prop he receives. In Mark's eyes, customer service is standard, and quality is a requirement.

before after
Before After

"[Mark] has provided fast, cost-friendly and effective service on all of my props. His dedication to customer satisfaction is unrivaled."

- Ron N. [Ohio]

"I run a Croxton 28P Bravo I... This is by far the best prop I have ran on this rig. My next prop will certainly be a Croxton-built prop."

- John R.

"Mark Croxton comes highly recommended in my book. He goes out of his way to help everyone he can. His propeller work is second to none. The performance gains were awesome."

- Jon L.

"Mark has been repairing, blueprinting, and bringing back props 'from the dead' for me for over 8 years. I have referred several friends and my employer to him as well. ... Just have to share a before-and-after. Mark had blueprinted a 23 Renegade and it was an honest 3mph improvement. Due to some 'low water,' I messed it up a little. He brought it back and the prop ran exactly how it did prior to the damage."

Intial Blueprinting After Damage Repaired Damage
After intinal blueprint After damage After damage is repaired

- Mike B. [Rhode Island]

"Mark has built two props for my Gambler and I couldn't be more pleased. More importantly, they provided tremendous customer service, lightning fast and precise work, immediate shipping, and amazing results. If I would have to do it all again, the only thing I would have done differently would have been to have it done sooner!"

- Jay F. [Massachusetts]

"Mark has always answered my calls personally and took the time to come up with a solution to a variety of performance issues I have encountered. Quality is unmatched and his turn-around times are great... I highly recommend Mark Croxton for all your propeller needs."

- Bill L. [Michigan]

"Just as Mark's propellers are second to none, so is his customer service. Going the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied means more than owning the best propeller — Mark's propeller delivers both."

- Justin B. [Arkansas]

"I've had several props repaired and tweaked by Mark. His customer service is second to none. I am fortunate enough to have been to his shop to drop off a prop or two. One time I had problems with both of my props. He actually took the time to repair one as I waited. ... Doesn't get any better than that. All of my props will be 'Croxtonized.'"

- Michael H. [Kentucky]

"I recommend Mark's [High] Performance Props to everyone that asks about repairing or working a prop. His work is first class; his turn around time is by far better than anyone I have used prior to finding Mark, and his prices are very fair..."

- Dean L. [Arizona]

"I buy a lot of B&B props from Mark. Most of them I sell to Swedish racedrivers and friends, but also [some] for myself. The prop that works best on my BIG back-cabin boat has been, until now, Mark’s B&B Tempest 24p.

I have kept my eye on the old Tempest A45 for awhile, and that’s because they have a [reputation] of being the “fastest prop ever made.” I have a friend who also competes in boat racing and he has an old 27p A45 that has been the fastest prop of anyone trying to use it, but it’s fragile and has been welded 2 times. It’s the big 15” diameter A45. So when I let Mark B&B some Tempest, I told him about the fast A45 prop over here. Mark asked me how big the diameter was, and he said, “That’s a 15” diameter A45, and if you want one, I can weld it out.” It’s been a little hush hush until now.

The first he made for me was a 25p A45 and that prop’s [speed] beat everything on my boat. My “high score” with an ordinary B&B Temp 24 was 71.3mph in the best of conditions and light loads. The 25p A45 got me a new “high score” of 74mph with a normal load. The 25p is big – and feels big – but it’s a real downwind performer and that’s what I wanted.

I [immediately] started thinking about a 24p A45, and the idea was to get the 300XS in peak. I sent Mark a new 24p Tempest+NIB (like the 25p) and soon I [received] a 24p A45. This weekend I had the opportunity to run some WOT runs. The 24 showed good performance early and better than the ordinary B&B Temp 24 – holeshot: great, carry load: GREAT, midrange: faster, fuel economy: same, top speed: 72.2mph, load: normal. I even made a 70.8mph run with 1 passenger, and that never happens with the old 24 Temp. The new 24p A45 beat the old one in everything, so BIG THANKS, MARK! (Not all propmen listen to a crazy Swede’s ideas!)"

- Peter S. [Sweden]